#13 (The Great Reveal)

Oh, I almost forgot the GREAT REVEAL! Well, I had never liked the way I looked, probably from being told my nose looked like Dick Tracy, or being called Fang because of my crooked teeth, or having my mother ask me if I was “trying to make myself as unattractive as possible” when I cut my hair freshman year at college. Maybe it’s just delusional to remember all those things so clearly, but I did. So here I was on my own while my husband was in Vietnam. First, I tackled the teeth. Had all my front teeth capped. I’ll never forget the first glimpse I had in the reflective edge of the dentist’s tray and how thrilled I was that all my teeth were EVEN. What a thrill!

Then came my nose. I was running out of time since Cecil was due back in a couple of months. So I looked in the Yellow Pages for a plastic surgeon to find one that had hours in the evening. Made an appointment and then a date for the surgery. Luckily, the Army was paying for this since fortunately, I had a deviated septum from falling down in Chicago and breaking my nose. THEN the doctor’s office called to say they had a last-minute cancellation and could I come to the hospital tomorrow. Why not? I hadn’t told anyone about it so there wasn’t anybody to let know and off I went. I remember being wheeled down the hallway and being so happy with whatever they give you that I profusely complimented the janitor on what a wonderful job he was doing on cleaning the floor. I imagine he was just relieved to see me wheeled on down the hallway. They don’t put you out for rhinoplasty surgery because they need to see where your nose is going to end up.  It ended up okay so I went home the next day.

When you first go home, they tell you to be very careful in pulling off the bandages on your nose so I had just finished very carefully pulling the bandages off my nose when I leaned down to talk to Peso and he jumped up and hit my nose! I was sure I had heard it crunch so I went running across the hall to the apartment next door to ask her if my nose looked okay. I must have looked a bit hysterical and she told me it looked fine. I wasn’t sure so I went right over to the doctor’s office (thank goodness for those evening hours) and he took one look at me, took hold of my nose and straightened it out right there!

The next part of the “great reveal” was to show my parents. I hadn’t said anything to them so they had no idea what I had done. I told my mother that I was coming over and that I had a surprise. She opened the door when I got there, looked at me, and asked me if my surprise was a new pair of earrings that I was wearing. My father (bless him) was sitting on the opposite side of the room and said: “Oh, look, she got her nose bobbed!” Oh, how I loved that man!

More Continuing Saga to follow . . .

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