Chicago Birthday Trip

John and I were married on December 6, 2006. My birthday present was a trip to Chicago where St Patrick’s Day is a big deal. They even dye the Chicago River green to celebrate. Of course, this had its drawbacks growing up in Chicago. I thought the parades and celebrations were for my birthday. How neat was that?

Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick's Day.
Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day.

True to the tourist visit we took the boat ride on the Chicago River. Despite growing up in Chicago, I had never been on the boat ride.

Suspicious-looking men on the Chicago River cruise.
Suspicious-looking men on the Chicago River cruise.

Maybe we watch too much CSI, but some of the characters waiting in line were a little scary looking. Once we all boarded the boat, they seemed even more suspicious because they were so occupied with taking pictures of the bridges.

Then playing junior detectives, we took some pictures of them.

After we got back to Colorado Springs, in an abundance of “if you see something, say something” we contacted the FBI. At their request, we sent copies of the pictures to the FBI. We never heard anything back but then I guess that’s standard procedure.

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