Kidney Beans

Another adventure in “Beans can be Beautiful” . . .

Kidney beans are such a beautiful shade of reddish-brown and the red jasper nuggets matched perfectly. The vintage Tibetan temple beads were a wonderful foil.

Back to drilling!

The hard part was drilling the holes in the kidney beans — they’re tiny! Not all of the beans passed the test with the hole landing in the middle of the bean.

Limitations of photography

It’s almost impossible (at least for me) to capture the rich colors of these beans and beads — believe me, they’re awesome!

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All readers are hereby sworn to absolute secrecy as to the following:

John’s Kidney-bean Chili recipe

Brown 2 pounds 80% hamburger meat along with 1 medium-to-large yellow onion. Add salt and pepper as meat is browning. Make sure to thoroughly cook the meat. Add two(2) 15-½ oz. cans of diced tomatoes, one(1) 15-½ oz. can of tomato sauce, one(1) 15-½ oz. can of red kidney beans, and one(1) 15-½ can of pinto or chili beans. Add two(2) packets of McCormick or Lowry’s Original Chili Mix. Simmer for a minimum of 1 hour. Enjoy!

Remember: if you get tired of wearing the necklace, you can always make chili!

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Stay tuned for more “Beans can be beautiful”

Susan Gibson-Grafe


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