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I tried learning SEO and I lost! It’s really pretty complicated and a lot to learn but I decided that is was mainly a statistical algorithm that Google uses to rate websites and I was never going to be the first website to turn up after a search for “handcrafted jewelry”. Several hundred other sites would rank higher in the Google search algorithm and if you aren’t among the top three. Even then, I found out that the first three results to show up (particularly on a mobile device), will be paid Google Ads. So now I’ve ordered “Adwords Worksheet” to try that tactic.

Meanwhile, back to what I’ve learned about SEO — summarized.

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On Page SEO: Optimize the Content of Your Website

STEP ONE: Keywords

STEP TWO: Define your website architecture

  • Landing Pages
  • Keyword Footer or Visible site navigation
  • Home page
  • Blog

STEP THREE: Optimize the website tags and content

  • Keywords to key HTML tags
  • Content
  • Link sculpting

STEP FOUR: Content of the HOME PAGE

  • TITLE tag
  • Google Analytics
  • Other Metrics


SEO is an endeavor that changes constantly, that evolves. So bookmark and pay attention to the main blogs. Attend a few conferences, if possible. Buy books on Amazon. Stay up to date with the industry, so you’re aware of new opportunities (e.g., the ANSWER BOX) or new threats (e.g., PANDA, MOBILE-FIRST, PENGUIN.)

Please check out our other website for Susan Gibson-Grafe BOLD and beautiful jewelry creations:

Plus for excellent SEO references.

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