#19: UT and Operations Conrol

Well, we both made it through the next year. Rhodes graduated from high school and enrolled at the University of Texas in Austin. I was lucky enough to be involved with developing some of the new policy governing gas El Paso’s role in gas transportation. About the time that I was feeling pretty comfortable, I was transferred to Operations Control (the new name for Dispatching). It was nice to be back in the Engineering and Operations side of the business but the whole transfer felt rather awkward. The man who was responsible for the entire shuffle of people back from Operations to El Paso and appeared to have forgotten where to put me, was now a VP heading up Operations Control.  So there I was. I was put in charge of the section that developed the software used by Dispatching. The really good thing about it was that I was put back with my old group from Systems Engineering and even some from the Midland office. I was still a manager though. About a year later, the Director of Operations Control was transferred back to Midland and I was named Director. Looking back, the whole arrangement seemed rather contrived but I was glad to be back.

The man who was then the VP of Operations Control was a friend from way back. But the relationship between supervisor and employee has a way of getting completely altered. As much as I tried, I could not do anything to his satisfaction.

Stay tuned for what happened next . . .

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